Starfinder Veil Spell

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Veil Spell

Level Technomancer 6

School illusion

Range long (400 ft. + 40 ft./level)

Targets up to one or more creatures, no two of which can be more than 30 ft. apart

Duration concentration + 1 hour/level (D)

Saving Throw Will negates or disbelief, see text; Spell Resistance yes, see text

You instantly change the appearance of the targets and then maintain that appearance for the spell’s duration. You can make the targets appear to be anything you wish. The targets look, feel, and smell just like what the spell makes them resemble. Affected creatures return to their normal appearances if slain. You must succeed at a Disguise check to duplicate the appearance of a specific individual. This spell gives you a +10 bonus to such a check (since it counts as altering your form).

An unwilling target can negate the spell’s effect on it by succeeding at a Will saving throw or by relying on spell resistance. Those who interact with the targets can attempt Will saving throws to disbelieve the illusion, but spell resistance doesn’t help pierce the illusion.

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