Starfinder Retrocognition Spell

Retrocognition Spell

Level Mystic 5

School divination

Range personal

Duration concentration, up to 1 minute/level

This spell allows you to gain psychic impressions from past events that occurred in your current location. Retrocognition reveals psychic impressions from events that occurred over the course of the last hour throughout the first minute of the spell’s duration, followed by impressions from the next hour back throughout the next minute you concentrate, and so on. If a psychically traumatic or turbulent event happened during that period, you must succeed at a Will saving throw (DC = 15, 20, or 25, depending on the severity of the traumatic or turbulent event) or lose your concentration on the spell. If you fail this saving throw, the spell ends.

At mystic level 16th and higher, you can choose to collect impressions from over the course of a longer interval of time than an hour, beginning at 1 week per minute of concentration (as listed on the table below). The amount of detail you receive diminishes, so this eventually makes it harder to distinguish impressions left by anything but the most major events. In most circumstances, you can’t glean information about what occurred during the Gap with this spell.

Mystic LevelPeriod
16th-17th1 week per minute
18th-19th1 year per minute
20th1 decade per minute

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