Starfinder Passwall Spell

Passwall Spell

Level Technomancer 5

School transmutation


Area 1 hour/level (D)

Effect 5-ft.-by-8-ft. opening

Saving Throw none; Spell Resistance no

You can create a passage through metal, plaster, plastic, stone, or wooden walls, but you can not create one through force fields, starship bulkheads, or other harder materials. The passage is 30 feet deep. If the wall’s thickness is more than the depth of the passage created, then a single casting of passwall simply makes a niche or short tunnel. Several castings of passwall can then form a continuing passage to breach very thick walls. When passwall ends, creatures within the passage are ejected out the nearest exit. If someone dispels passwall or you dismiss it, creatures in the passage are ejected out the far exit, if there is more than one, or out the sole exit.

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