Starfinder Contact Other Plane Spell

Contact Other Plane Spell

Level Mystic 5 Technomancer 5

Resolve Cost 0

School divination

Range personal

Duration concentration

You send your mind to another plane of existence (an Elemental Plane or some plane further removed) in order to receive advice and information from powers there. The powers reply in a language you understand, but they resent such contact and give only brief answers to your questions. All questions are answered with “Yes,” “No,” “Maybe,” “Never,” “Irrelevant,” or some other one-word answer.

You must concentrate on maintaining the spell in order to ask questions at the rate of one per round. A question is answered by the power during the same round. You can ask one question for every 2 caster levels. On rare occasions, this divination may be blocked by an act of certain deities or forces.

Contacting a minor planar power is relatively safe but may not result in useful answers. For each question you ask, the GM secretly rolls 1d20.

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