Starfinder Diplomacy Skill

Diplomacy (Cha)

Diplomacy Skill

Key Ability Charisma

Use Untrained Yes

Armor Check Penalty No

Class Skill For Envoy, Mystic, Solarian

Starship Combat

Captain Actions Encourage, moving speech

You can persuade others to be friendly toward you, resolve conflicts and differences, and learn common knowledge and rumors floating around a settlement.

Change Attitude

When you interact socially with another creature, that creature has an initial attitude toward you. Attitudes fall into five categories (from worst to best): hostile, unfriendly, indifferent, friendly, and helpful. You can use Diplomacy to change a creature’s initial attitude to a more positive one, but at the risk of angering the creature and worsening its attitude toward you if you fail. This is a language-dependent ability. The creature must have an Intelligence of 3 or higher, and you must spend at least 1 minute interacting and conversing with the creature to change its attitude. The DC of this check is equal to either 10 + your opponent’s total Diplomacy skill bonus, or 15 + 1-1/2 × the opponent’s CR (or the encounter’s CR, if you are trying to change the attitude of a group of creatures), whichever is higher. The DC is modified by the creature’s initial attitude and other circumstances, as determined by the GM. If you succeed, the creature’s attitude improves by one category (for instance, a hostile creature becomes unfriendly). If you exceed the DC by 5 or more, you can choose to spend 10 more minutes interacting with the creature to improve its attitude by one additional category. If you fail the check by 5 or more, you anger the creature, and the creature’s attitude worsens by one category (for instance, a friendly creature becomes indifferent).

Attacking a creature always worsens its attitude by one category for each attack made, and may have other consequences based on the creature’s current attitude.

Positively affecting a creature’s attitude takes time. You typically can't use Diplomacy to positively change a creature’s attitude by more than one category (or two categories if you spend the extra time) within a 24-hour period, unless the GM decides otherwise or you have an ability that allows you to do so.

The five categories of initial attitude are described below, along with the effects of negatively changing each attitude.

The DCs for Diplomacy checks to change attitudes are adjusted based on the creature’s initial attitude as well as other circumstances determined by the GM.

Initial AttitudeDC Modifier
* You cannot improve a creature’s attitude above helpful.

Gather Information

You can use Diplomacy to gather information about a specific topic or individual. You must spend at least 1d4 hours canvassing people within a settlement or local region. If you succeed, you learn something about that topic or individual, though the GM may determine that some information is simply unknown to the local people.

The DCs for Diplomacy checks to gather information are based on the nature of the information being sought and may be adjusted by the GM to reflect other circumstances, such as bribes or gifts.

Information SoughtDC
Common facts or rumors10
Obscure or secret knowledge20 or more
Prominent or well-known individual5 + character’s CR
Average or ordinary individual10 + character’s CR
Mysterious or obscure individual15 + character’s CR

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