Starfinder Strix Playable Race


Ability Score Modifiers +2 Dex, +2 Int, -2 Cha

Hit Points 6 HP

Size & Type Strix are Medium Humanoids with the strix subtype.

Vital Statistics

Average Height or Length 5-6 ft.; Average Weight 115-150 lbs.

Age of Maturity 12 years; Maximum Age 50+1d20 years

Racial Traits

Darkvision Strix can see up to 60 feet in the dark.

Nightborn Strix gain a +2 racial bonus to Perception and Stealth checks in dim light or darkness.

Strix Mobility Strix have a land speed of 20 feet and an extraordinary fly speed of 30 feet with average maneuverability.

Suspicious Strix receive a +2 racial bonus to saving throws against illusion spells and effects.

Tinkerer Strix have a natural eye for technology and can craft such items at incredible speed. It takes a strix a base time of 2 hours to craft a technological item.

With their ebon feathers, murky eyes, and massive wings spreading behind them like angels’ pinions, strix are imposing people to anyone not familiar with their kind. Strix tend to keep to themselves.

Strix’s biological functions have long since adapted to living in dark places. As a result, their eyes are typically milky and lack pupils; furthermore, given their powerful necks and ability to fly, their ocular muscles rarely need to accommodate moving in their sockets. This results in strix constantly craning their heads in a birdlike manner that, along with the rest of strix’s appearance, can make them seem eerie to other species.

Though they share little about their home culture even with trusted friends, strix are deeply distrustful of magic but are natural technophiles. They take to technology as easily as they can fly through the air. They often heavily augment their bodies with cybernetics—some of their own creation—and can be invaluable as technomancers and mechanics aboard exploration vessels.

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