Starfinder Aasimar Playable Race


Ability Score Modifiers +2 Cha

Hit Points 4 HP

Size & Type Aasimars are Medium Outsiders with the native subtype.

Racial Traits

Celestial Radiance As a standard action, an aasimar can shed light, causing light within 10 feet of him to increase two steps, up to bright, and light for 10 more feet beyond that to increase one step, up to normal. This lasts for 1 minute, but the aasimar can dismiss it as a swift action. Magical darkness can decrease the light level in this area only if it’s from an item or creature of a level or CR higher than that of the aasimar. An aasimar can use this ability once per day, plus a number of times equal to half his CR or level.

Celestial Resistance Aasimars have resistance 5 to acid, cold, and electricity.

Skilled Naturally eloquent and perceptive, aasimars gain a +2 racial bonus to Diplomacy and Perception checks.

Many kinds of extraplanar beings can infuse humanoids’ bloodlines, whether as a side effect of powerful magic or the result of a tryst; those in whom extraplanar traits surface strongly are known as planar scions. Aasimars, the mortal offspring of fiends, respectively, are the most common of these. Though planar scions resemble their humanoid kin, their appearance and demeanor bear supernatural touches. Aasimars may have glowing eyes or a metallic sheen to their hair and skin.

Because of their innate curiosity, humans are more likely to dally with outsiders, and as a consequence, a significant percentage of planar scions are descended from humans. However, because humans are far less populous than in earlier eras, planar scions descended from other humanoid races are now far more numerous. A planar scion might pass for a member of the humanoid parent’s species, or the scion’s otherworldly features could make their origin obvious to those who are familiar with the species’ normal characteristics. Those whose outsider blood is evident still find acceptance in most major settlements where diverse beings coexist in peace. Few people bat an eye when they meet an aasimar.

However, in insular or tradition-bound communities, any signs of plane-touched heritage can be a blessing—or a death sentence—depending on the dominant traditions. Formians, shobhads, vesk, and other species with flexible morality view aasimars, particularly those descended from their own kind, with both admiration and suspicion.

Planar scions are often outliers in their community, either put on a pedestal or ostracized because of their ancestry. The potent blood that courses through the veins of aasimars also makes them ambitious; many choose a dangerous but rewarding profession, such as explorer, mercenary, spy, or pilot.

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