All Starfinder Spells by Name

Spell Name Spell Effect
Animate Armor Briefly control a suit of armor.
Animate Dead Create controlled undead creatures out of target corpses.
Arcane Eye Invisible floating eye moves 30 feet per round and sends you visual information.
Arcane Sight Magical sources become visible to you.
Arcing Surge Deal 10d6 electricity damage in a 120-foot line.
Augury R Learn whether an action will be good or bad.
Baleful Polymorph Change the target's shape to that of a smaller, weaker creature.
Baleful Polymorph, Mass Change multiple targets' shapes to that of a smaller, weaker creatures.
Battle Junkbot Create a temporary robot from random junk, turning it into a deadly combatant.
Bestow Curse Target takes –4 penalty to attack rolls, saves, and checks or 50% chance of not acting on each of its turns.
Break Enchantment Free creatures from curses, enchantments, and transmutations.
Call Cosmos Rain cosmic particles on targets, dealing 4d6 fire damage and 3d6 cold damage.
Carnivorous Your mouth expands and your teeth grow sharp, granting you a bite attack.
Caustic Conversion Fling magical nanites as a ranged attack that deals 4d4 acid damage to one target, plus 5 additional damage in subsequent rounds.
Chain Surge Deal 13d12 electricity damage to primary target and up to 10 secondary targets; one of the primary target’s electrical devices stops functioning for 1 round.
Charm Monster Make one creature believe it is your ally or one day per level.
Charm Person Make one humanoid creature believe that it is your ally.
Clairaudience/clairvoyance Hear or see at a distance for 1 minute per level.
Command One creature obeys a select command for 1 round.
Command Undead Undead creature obeys your commands.
Command, Greater One creature per level obeys select command for 1 round per level.
Commune With Nature Learn about terrain for 1 mile per level.
Comprehend Languages You understand all spoken, signed, and written or tactile languages.
Confusion Targets behave randomly for 1 round per level.
Confusion, Lesser One living creature is confused for 1 round.
Contact Other Plane Ask questions of extraplanar entity.
Control Atmosphere Alter the corrosiveness, density, or toxicity of the surrounding atmosphere.
Control Gravity Alter gravity in an area.
Control Machines Command technological constructs within range telepathically.
Control Undead Undead creatures follow your commands and don’t attack you.
Corrosive Haze Cloud deals 4d8 acid damage per round, plus 10 additional damage.
Cosmic Eddy Whirlwind deals 4d6 damage and knocks creatures prone.
Creation Create one object made of vegetable matter.
Crush Skull Deal 18d8 damage to living creature’s head.
Dancing Lights Create and direct up to four lights.
Darkvision Grant ability to see 60 feet in total darkness.
Daze Humanoid creature of CR 3 or lower is dazed.
Daze Monster Target living creature of CR 5 or lower is dazed.
Death Ward Target gains +4 bonus to saves against death spells, and is immune to negative energy and gaining negative levels.
Deep Slumber Put a number of creatures whose CRs total 8 or less to sleep.
Destruction Protocol Turn nonhostile technological construct against your foes.
Detect Affliction Determine whether a creature or object has been poisoned, is diseased, is cursed, or is suffering a similar affliction.
Detect Augmentation Detect the presence of augmentations in the area.
Detect Magic Detect spells and magic items within 60 feet.
Detect Radiation Detect radiation within 120 feet.
Detect Tech Detect technological items with charges or that replenish charges within 60 feet.
Detect Thoughts “Listen” to surface thoughts.
Digital Doorway Teleport from one computer to another within range
Dimension Door Teleport a short distance.
Directed Denial Of Strength Attack Flood target minds so they become encumbered or overburdened.
Discern Lies Reveal deliberate falsehoods.
Discharge Disrupts or depowers one target technological item or construct.
Discharge, Greater Disrupts or depowers multiple technological items or constructs.
Disguise Self Change your appearance.
Disintegrate Ray reduces one creature or object to dust.
Dismissal Force a creature to return to its native plane.
Dispel Magic Cancel one magical spell or effect.
Dispel Magic, Greater Cancel multiple spells or effects.
Displacement Attacks miss target 50% of the time.
Divination R Gain useful advice for specific proposed actions.
Dominate Person Control humanoid telepathically.
Electroplating Give kinetic weapons the ability to bypass material-based damage reduction.
Energy Ray Ray deals 1d3 acid, cold, electricity, or fire damage.
Enervation Ray imposes 2 negative levels.
Enshrining Refuge Targets can’t attack or be attacked, but can exist comfortably.
Entropic Grasp Touch decays a construct or nonmagical manufactured item once per round per level.
Erase Remove writings of either magical or mundane nature.
Ethereal Jaunt You become ethereal for 1 round per level.
Explosive Blast Deal 9d6 fire damage to creatures in a 20-foot radius.
Fabricate Scrap Turn 1 bulk of inert matter into an equal amount of junked electronic equipment, suitable for certain spells.
Fatigue Touched creature is fatigued.
Fear Frighten a single living creature that’s of CR 4 or lower for 1d4 rounds.
Feeblemind Target’s Intelligence and Charisma scores drop to 1.
Flesh To Stone Turn a creature into a statue.
Flight One creature or object per level falls slowly.
Fog Cloud Create a fog that obscures vision.
Force Blast Cone deals 2d6 force damage and bull rushes creatures.
Ghost Sound Create minor illusory sounds.
Grave Words Force a corpse to babble.
Gravitational Singularity Particle with infinite density pulls creatures and objects into it, dealing 12d6 damage each round to those inside.
Grease Make a 10-ft. square or one object slippery.
Handy Junkbot Create a temporary robot made of junk to perform Computers, Engineering, Piloting, and Sleight of Hand tasks.
Haste One creature per level moves and acts faster.
Healing Junkbot Robot made of junk can perform Medicine tasks and drag unconscious creature to safety.
Heat Leech Deal 13d8 cold damage to creatures in a cone.
Hold Monster Paralyze one creature.
Hold Person Paralyze one humanoid.
Hold Portal Hold a door shut.
Hologram Memory Extract a creature’s memory and replay it as a hologram.
Holographic Image Create a hologram with some sound of your design.
Holographic Terrain Create a large hologram that depicts terrain and structures.
Hurl Forcedisk Disc deals 3d6 force damage to one target then ricochets to other targets, dealing 2d6 force damage.
Identify Gain a +10 bonus to identify items of a magic or technological nature.
Implant Data Embed one piece of data per level in a target computer or system.
Incompetence Targeted creatures lose proficiency with one type of weapons.
Inflict Pain Wracking pain imposes –2 penalty to ability checks, attack rolls, and skill checks on one target.
Inflict Pain, Mass Wracking pain imposes –2 penalty to ability checks, attack rolls, and skill checks on one target per level.
Inject Nanobots Touch deals 4d8 damage to target and causes the confused condition.
Instant Virus Inflict technological construct with disease.
Interplanetary Teleport R Teleport between planets.
Invisibility Target is invisible for 1 minute per level or until it attacks.
Invisibility, Greater Target is invisible for 1 round per level, even if it attacks.
Invisibility, Mass Multiple targets are invisible for 1 minute per level or until one target attacks or moves away from other targets affected by spell.
Irradiate Flood area with dangerous radiation.
Jolting Surge Touch deals 4d6 electricity damage.
Junk Armor Turn junk into light armor or upgrade light armor to heavy armor.
Junksword Turn junk into a one-handed melee weapon.
Keen Senses Target gains low-light vision and a +2 bonus to Perception checks.
Knock Opens a locked or magically sealed door.
Life Bubble Encase targeted creatures with a shell of tolerable atmosphere.
Logic Bomb Target computer deals 6d6 energy damage to the first creature that tries and fails to use it.
Magic Missile Two missiles deal 1d4+1 force damage.
Make Whole Restore 5d6 Hit Points to an object or construct.
Mending Restore 1d4 Hit Points to an object or construct.
Mental Block Cause creatures to forget how to use their feats and abilities.
Microbot Assault Cloud of tiny robots harasses creatures within it.
Might Of The Ellicoth Increase the amount of bulk a creature can carry.
Mind Link Instantly and telepathically communicate information to a creature.
Mind Probe Potentially access a target creature’s memories and its knowledge.
Mind Thrust Mentally deal 2d10 damage to one target.
Miracle You state what you would like to have happen and request that the power to which you are connected intercede.
Mirror Image Create decoy duplicates of yourself.
Mislead Make yourself invisible and create an illusory double of your likeness.
Modify Memory Change 5 minutes of target’s memories.
Mystic Cure Restore 1d8 + your Wisdom modifier Hit Points to a living creature.
Mystic Cure, Mass Restore 3d8 + your Wisdom modifier Hit Points to one living creature per level.
Necromantic Revitalization Restore hit points to an undead creature
Nondetection R Hide target from divination and surveillance.
Overheat Deal 2d8 fire damage to creatures in cone.
Overload Systems Target creature has a 50% chance to lose each action.
Passwall Create a passage through most walls.
Planar Barrier Seal an area against all planar travel into or within it.
Planar Binding Trap an extraplanar creature of CR 4 or lower until it performs a task.
Plane Shift As many as eight creatures travel to another plane you choose.
Polymorph Change the target's shape into that of another creature
Polymorph, Mass Change multiple target's shapes to that of another creature.
Private Sanctum Prevent anyone from viewing or scrying an area for 24 hours.
Probability Prediction Reroll one attack roll, save, or check.
Prying Eyes Twenty floating eyes scout for you.
Psychic Surgery Cure all Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma damage and drain, plus remove other mental afflictions and conditions.
Psychokinetic Hand Telekinetically move an object of 1 bulk or less.
Psychokinetic Strangulation Concentrate to immobilize target and deal 3d8 damage per round.
Raise Dead Restore life to a creature that died no more than 1 day per level ago.
Rapid Repair Construct or weapon regains 2d8 Hit Points per round for 1 minute.
Ray Of Exhaustion Ray makes target exhausted.
Reanimate Reanimate a recently destroyed construct or undead.
Recharge R Replenish charges in a battery or item capable of holding charges.
Reflecting Armor Sheath of mystical force can reflect damage back on foe.
Regenerate Grow back target’s severed limbs, restore 12d8 Hit Points, and remove exhaustion and fatigue.
Reincarnate Bring a target dead creature back to life in a random body.
Reject Augmentation Targeted creature is sickened and can't use any augmentations for the duration.
Remove Affliction Neutralize curses, diseases, infestations, poisons, and other harmful conditions affecting a creature.
Remove Condition Remove one moderate harmful condition affecting a creature.
Remove Condition, Greater Remove all harmful conditions affecting a creature.
Remove Condition, Lesser Remove one minor harmful condition affecting a creature.
Remove Radioactivity Remove ongoing radiation effects from a creature or object.
Resilient Sphere Force globe protects but traps one target.
Resistant Aegis Grant up to 10 creatures DR 5/— or energy resistance 5 to all energy types.
Resistant Armor R Grant DR 10/— or energy resistance 10 to three energy types.
Resistant Armor, Greater Grant DR 15/— or energy resistance 15 against four energy types.
Resistant Armor, Lesser Grant DR 5/— or energy resistance 5 against two energy types.
Restoration R Restores ability score drain and negative levels.
Restoration, Lesser Dispel magical ability penalty or cure 1d4 ability damage.
Retrocognition Gain psychic impressions of past events in a certain location.
Rewire Flesh Turn target partially into a robot, dealing 3d6 damage per round and reducing speed.
Rewire Flesh, Mass Deal 3d6 damage per round and reducing targets’ speed during that time.
Security Seal Magically lock a portal, a container, or a security system.
See Invisibility See invisible creatures or objects.
Seeking Shot Cause a single attack to ignore cover and concealment.
Shadow Walk Step into a shadowy realm to travel to a destination rapidly.
Shadowy Fleet Illusion of starships deals 3d6 piercing damage and 3d6 fire damage to all creatures in the affected area.
Share Language Target understands chosen languages.
Shield Other R You take half of the target’s Hit Point damage.
Slow One creature per level moves and acts slower.
Snuff Life Instantly kill or massively damage one creature per 2 caster levels, depending on targets’ CRs.
Soothing Protocol Calm a target hostile technological construct.
Speak With Dead Corpse answers up to six questions.
Spider Climb Grant ability to walk on walls and ceilings.
Stabilize Cause a dying creature to stabilize.
Status Monitor condition and position of allies.
Subjective Reality You convince yourself one creature or object is an illusion.
Suggestion Compel a target to follow stated course of action.
Suggestion, Mass Compel one target per level to follow stated course of action.
Summon Creature Summons an extraplanar creature.
Supercharge Weapon Touched weapon deals extra damage.
Sympathetic Vibration Deal 2d10 damage per round to freestanding structure.
Synapse Overload Target takes 18d8 damage and is staggered for 1 minute.
Synaptic Pulse Stun all creatures within 20 feet for 1 round.
Synaptic Pulse, Greater Stun all creatures within 20 feet for 1d4 rounds.
Telekinesis Move an object, attack creatures, or hurl objects or creatures with your mind.
Telekinetic Projectile Telekinetically hurl an object, dealing 1d6 damage to the target and object.
Telepathic Bond Link allows allies to communicate.
Telepathic Jaunt Use your telepathic bond with a creature to teleport to its location.
Telepathic Message Send a short telepathic message and hear simple telepathic replies.
Telepathy Communicate mentally with any creatures within 100 feet.
Teleport Instantly teleport as far as 2,000 miles.
Terraform R Alter terrain and climate.
Token Spell Perform simple magical effects.
Tongues Target can speak and understand any language.
Transfer Charge Move charges from one power source to another source of the same type.
True Seeing Target can see things as they really are.
Unseen Servant Invisible force obeys your commands.
Unwilling Guardian Charm a target into protecting you during combat.
Veil Change appearance of a group of creatures.
Viral Destruction Create a virus in a recently dead body, allowing it to strike again and potentially spread the virus further.
Vision R Answer a question about a person, place, or object.
Wall Of Fire Blazing curtain deals 2d6 fire damage out to 10 feet and 1d6 fire damage out to 20 feet; passing through the wall deals 5d6 fire damage.
Wall Of Force Blazing curtain deals 2d6 fire damage out to 10 feet and 1d6 fire damage out to 20 feet; passing through the wall deals 5d6 fire damage.
Wall Of Steel R Wall has 45 Hit Points per inch of thickness and hardness 15.
Waves Of Fatigue Several targets become fatigued.
Wish By simply speaking aloud, you can alter reality to better suit you.
Wisp Ally Create wisp of energy that shines light and distracts an enemy.
Zone Of Truth Creatures within range can’t lie.

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