Soul Upload Trap

One minute after living creatures enter the trapped room, they are bombarded with energy that digitizes and removes their souls, leaving their bodies lifeless husks. The digitized souls are uploaded into data modules linked to the room’s computer system. Hacking the system via a successful Computers check can release trapped souls, but it usually has a wipe module—a failed attempt might purge the souls. Casting raise dead on an affected body requires a successful DC 32 caster level check or the spell fails.

Soul Upload Trap

CR 17

XP 102,400

Type hybrid; Perception DC 45; Disable Computers DC 45 (disrupt system’s upload capacity) or Mysticism DC 40 (scramble magic)

Trigger location; Reset immediate

Effect death, soul uploaded into data module; Will DC 24 negates; onset delay (1 minute); multiple targets (all targets in room)

Section 15: Copyright Notice

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