Obedience Implant Trap

When the trap sees a creature within 10 feet, a lancet implants a magic microchip in the triggering creature, which falls under the telepathic control of the trap’s creator, as per dominate person (but affecting any creature). Removing the chip safely requires a 1-minute surgical procedure and a successful Medicine DC 28 check. Failure deals 3d6 slashing damage and leaves the implant in place. An implanted chip prevents magical means of ending the spell effect. Any later successful save (such as to resist a command) renders the spell effect dormant for 1 round rather than ending it.

Obedience Implant Trap

CR 12

XP 19,200

Type hybrid; Perception DC 38; Disable Engineering DC 33 (disable lancet) or Mysticism DC 33 (render implant ineffective)

Trigger proximity (visual, 10 feet); Reset manual

Effect lancet +27 melee (3d6+10 P plus dominate person); Will DC 21 negates dominate person effect

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