Hacker’s Curse Trap

When an unauthorized user attempts to hack the trapped computer console, a magical curse script downloads into nearby technological items, which become cursehacked. A creature using a cursehacked item takes a –4 penalty to attack rolls (if it’s a weapon), AC (if it’s a suit of armor), skill checks (if it’s involved in attempting the skill check), and so on. The virus replicates in other technological items if they touch either a cursehacked item or a creature carrying or wearing one. This curse remains until removed by remove affliction or similar magic or by a successful Computers DC 35 check that takes 10 minutes for a single item.

Hacker’s Curse Trap

CR 7

XP 3,200

Type hybrid; Perception DC 30; Disable Computers DC 25 (rewrite virus code) or Mysticism DC 25 (dispel curse)

Trigger touch; Reset 1 minute

Effect curse (technological items become cursehacked; this is a curse effect); Will DC 17 negates (items of 8th level or above only; lower-level items receive no save); multiple targets (tech items carried by all creatures within 60 ft. of console)

Section 15: Copyright Notice

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