The following rules cover the basic features that can be found in structures.


Doors in structures are much more than mere entrances and exits. They can even be encounters all by themselves. Doors come in several types. Consult Table 11–10: Doors for information on common types of doors.

Table: Doors
Door TypeTypical ThicknessHardnessHit PointsBreak DC
Wooden1-1/2 in.5151618
Plastic2 in.8302224
Stone4 in.15602828
Steel2 in.20602828
Airlock door4 in.351604040


Most fabricated structures have some form of lighting built into the ceilings or walls. This lighting provides enough illumination for the inhabitants to see and is often controlled via a simple switch, touch pad, or vocal device. Lighting can usually be turned on and off on a room-to-room basis, though sometimes a structure’s lighting can be deactivated via a central breaker switch (usually located in some kind of control room or service area). A typical manufactured lighting fixture has a break DC of 18, a hardness of 3, and 10 Hit Points (see Breaking Objects).

Natural caverns and structures built by and for creatures with darkvision often lack manufactured lighting. Characters without darkvision must provide their own source of lighting to be able to navigate these locations.

TODO: Table 11-11: Material Hardness and Hit Points


Structure walls vary drastically in makeup, ranging from natural, unworked solid stone to reinforced starship bulkheads (though stranger walls exist). While they are typically incredibly difficult to break down or through, they’re generally easy to climb. Table 11–9: Walls contains information on the most common types of walls found in structures.

Table: Walls
Wall TypeTypical ThicknessBreak DCHardnessHit Points*Athletics DC (to climb)
Concrete3 ft.451554025
Plastic5 in.2587528
Starship bulkhead5 ft.55352,40025
Starship interior3 ft.45301,44020
Steel3 in.30209025
Unworked stone5 ft.651590015
Wooden6 in.2056021
*Per 10-foot-by-10-foot section.

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