While materials such as glass and wood are commonly found in terrestrial settlements, some substances are bit more unusual. A list of the hardness and Hit Points of often-used substances can be found in Table: Material Hardness and Hit Points.

  • Adamantine Alloy and Pure Adamantine: Adamantine is a valuable metal mined from asteroids and planets throughout the galaxy. It is sometimes combined with other metals (such as iron or steel) to form alloys that are very durable; one such alloy is known as glaucite. Objects made of pure adamantine are incredibly valuable, as they are difficult to destroy.
  • Nanocarbon: Consisting of carbon atoms bonded together to form microscopic cylindrical nanostructures, nanocarbon has properties that make it beneficial in numerous fields. Nanocarbon can be found in everything from electronics to textiles.
  • Polycarbon Plate: Easy to mold but extremely tough, polycarbon plate is constructed from a polymer that is shaped at extremely high temperatures. A stronger form of plastic, polycarbon plate can also be transparent, making it a good choice for the viewports of military starships.
  • Transparent Aluminum: This compound is composed of aluminum, oxygen, and nitrogen. Sturdier than glass but still transparent, this material is commonly used in starship and space station windows.
Table: Material Hardness and Hit Points
MaterialHardnessHit Points (per Inch of Thickness)
Cloth, paper, or rope02
Leather or hide35
Transparent aluminium1015
Stone or concrete1515
Iron or steel2030
Adamantine alloy3040
Polycarbon plate4560
Pure adamantine5080
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