Curses are magical afflictions and usually have a single effect, though some curses use tracks like diseases and poisons do. Removing a curse requires either using remove affliction or fulfilling a special condition that varies by curse (and sometimes differs between individual applications of the same curse).

Sample Curses

A curse’s Cure entry defines the actions needed to remove the curse. These actions might vary, at the GM’s discretion.

Curse of Lethargy

Type curse; Save Will DC 20

Effect In combat and other stressful situations, the victim is affected as if by a slow spell and is immune to effects that would increase its speed.

Cure The victim must hustle (see Overland Movement) for 4 consecutive hours each day for 1 week; it must perform this movement to reach a specific destination.

Curse of the Miser

Type curse; Save Will DC 20

Effect Each week, the victim loses 10% of its net worth through strange mishaps.

Cure The victim must donate 20% or more of its net worth selflessly, not just to remove the curse.

Curse of the Ravenous

Type curse; Save Will DC 20

Effect The victim treats each hour as a day for starvation and thirst and is immune to effects that prevent the need for sustenance or that remove starvation or thirst.

Cure The victim must drink only water and eat only flavorless gruel for 1 month.

Curse of the Vainglorious

Type curse; Save Will DC 20

Effect After failing an ability check, attack roll, saving throw, or skill check, the victim takes a –2 penalty to rolls of that type for 1 minute (treat each individual skill check, ability check, and saving throw separately) and can’t try again on rolls of that type. This means the victim can’t take 20.

Cure The victim must spend 1 month humbly and obediently apprenticing to a master in one of its fields of expertise.

Curse of the Zealous

Type curse; Save Will DC 20

Effect Each combat, whenever the victim would take its first hostile action, it is instead confused for 1d4 rounds.

Cure The victim must take no hostile actions for 1 month of active adventuring.

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