All characters have certain abilities that don’t directly stem from their races, classes, or skills. These abilities, called feats, represent specialized talents that can come from a wide range of possible sources. When you select a feat for your character, it can represent advanced training, an arcane ability gained from a strange machine on an abandoned alien planet, a knack picked up during your youth, or nearly anything the GM agrees is reasonable for the campaign.


Some feats have prerequisites. A character must have each indicated ability score, feat, base attack bonus, skill, class feature, and other listed quality in order to select or use that feat. She can gain a feat at the same level at which she gains its prerequisites. A character can’t use a feat if she loses a prerequisite, but she doesn’t lose the feat itself. If at a later time she regains the lost prerequisite, she immediately regains full use of the feat that prerequisite enables.

Combat FeatsC

Most feats are general, meaning that no special rules govern them as a group. Others are combat feats, which are feats that can be selected as a bonus feat by a soldier. This designation doesn’t restrict characters of other classes from selecting these feats, assuming that they meet the prerequisites.

Feat Descriptions

The feats presented here are summarized on Table 6–1. In this table, the prerequisites and benefits of the feats are abbreviated for ease of reference. See the specific feat for its full details.

The following format is used for all feat descriptions.

Feat Name: The feat’s name is followed by a basic description of what the feat does. This description is only a explanation of the feat, not the game rules defining how it works.

Prerequisites: A minimum ability score, another feat or feats, a minimum base attack bonus, a minimum number of ranks in one or more skills, or anything else required in order to take the feat. A feat may have more than one prerequisite. This entry is absent if a feat has no prerequisites.

Benefits: What the feat enables the character (“you” in the feat description) to do. A character cannot select a feat more than once unless it specifically says so. If a character somehow has the same feat more than once, the benefits of these feats do not stack unless indicated otherwise. Unless otherwise noted, the term “level” refers to character level.

Normal: This entry lists the normal rules that apply to a character who does not have the feat. A character with the feat, on the other hand, can overcome these limitations. This information can help players understand why the feat is useful. If not having the feat causes no particular drawback, this entry is absent.

Special: Additional unusual facts about the feat.

Feat Prerequisites Benefit
Accelerated Recovery Con 13 Recover more quickly during an 8-hour rest
Adaptive Casting Key ability score 19, caster level 7 Select three additional spells known; cast one of them once a day
Adaptive Fighting C Three or more combat feats Once per day as a move action, gain the benefit of a combat feat you don’t have
Adaptive Upgrade Int 19, Engineering 10 ranks Temporarily create low-level armor upgrades
Add Leverage C Str 15 Grip your weapon with more hands to move foes farther with combat maneuvers
Advance Warning C Cha 15 Shout a warning to your allies, causing them to stop being flat-footed
Advanced Melee Weapon Proficiency C Basic Melee Weapon Proficiency No penalty to attacks with advanced melee weapons
Agile Casting Key ability score 15, Dex 15, Mobility, caster level 4th Cast a spell at any point during movement
All Hands on Deck Four or more arms Use extra arms to complete physical labor faster
Ambuscade C When you make an attack in the surprise round against a target that has not yet acted, gain a bonus to attacks and damage
Ambush Awareness C If you fail the Perception check to act in the surprise round, you can still take a full defense action
Amplified Glitch C Computers 3 ranks, Intimidate 3 ranks Disrupt devices, causing targets to become shaken for 1 round or more
Antagonize Diplomacy 5 ranks, Intimidate 5 ranks Anger a foe, causing it to become off-target and take a −2 penalty to skill checks for 1 round or more
Arm Extensions Constructed racial trait or construct type You can extend your arms great distances
Barricade C Engineering 1 rank Create your own fragile cover
Basic Melee Weapon Proficiency C No penalty to attacks with basic melee weapons
Blind Fight C Reroll miss chances from concealment
Blood in Their Eyes C Your critical hits with slashing attacks make foes dazzled
Bodyguard C Add a +2 bonus to an adjacent ally's AC as a reaction
Cleave C Str 13, base attack bonus +1 Make an additional melee attack if the first one hits
Climbing Master Athletics 5 ranks Gain a climb speed equal to your base speed
Close Combat C Base attack bonus +1 You make it more difficult for other foes to target you.
Combat Casting C Ability to cast 2nd-level spells +2 bonus to AC and saves against attacks of opportunity when casting spells
Connection Inkling Wis 15, character level 5th, no mystic levels Gain the ability to cast minor mystic spells
Constant Alert C Wis 11, character level 5th Reroll your initiative check and automatically win ties
Cook Grenade C Dex 11, proficiency with grenades Time your release of a grenade to increase its effectiveness
Coordinated Shot C Base attack bonus +1 Allies gain a +1 bonus to ranged attacks against foes you threaten
Cosmic Truth Wis 15, Bluff 5 ranks, Mysticism 5 ranks Reveal a cosmic truth that makes one target who fails a Will save confused for 1d4 rounds
Deadly Aim C Base attack bonus +1 Take a −2 penalty to weapon attacks to deal extra damage
Deadly Boast Cha 19, Bluff 10 ranks Make an attack or effect sound so impressive that foes have a harder time defending against it
Defensive Roll C Dex 19, Acrobatics 10 ranks Attempt an Acrobatics check in place of a Reflex save or to dodge an attack
Deflect Projectiles C Base attack bonus +8 Spend 1 Resolve Point to attempt to avoid a ranged attack
Diehard You can spend Resolve Points to stabilize and to stay in the fight in the same round
Dire Straits C Con 15 Stabilize when you have no Hit Points or Resolve Points left
Disease Adaptation Con 11 +2 enhancement bonus to saves against disease
Disease Rejection Con 17, Disease Adaptation Recover from diseases much more swiftly
Dispelling Strike Base attack bonus +10, Mysticism 10 ranks Spend 1 Resolve Point to make a melee attack act as dispel magic
Dive for Cover C Base Reflex save bonus +2 Fall prone in an adjacent square to roll a Reflex save twice
Diverse Conditioning Eternal hope or ecstatic joy racial trait, character level 5th. Spend 1 Resolve Point to reroll certain failed saving throws
Diversion Use Bluff to create a distraction so that your allies can hide
Divine Blessing Worship a deity of an alignment within one step of your own alignment Your benefit is determined by the deity you worship.
Double Draw C Four or more arms Draw, reload, or sheathe two weapons per action
Double Tap C Weapon Focus (small arms), proficiency with small arms Expend double the normal ammunition to gain bonuses to attack and damage with a small arm
Drag Down When you are tripped, you can attempt to trip an adjacent foe
Echolocation Attack Perception as a class skill Use the echo of sonic attacks to better sense your surroundings
Eldritch Lore Key ability score 19, Lesser Eldritch Lore, Minor Eldritch Lore, caster level 10th, 10 levels in a class with a class spell list. Gain an additional 2nd-level spell known
Enhanced Communalism Character level 5th, communalism racial trait Use the communalism racial trait multiple times per day
Enhanced Resistance Base attack bonus +4 Gain damage reduction or energy resistance
Environmental Adaptation Con 13 Gain immunity to a number of environmental and weather effects
Extended Telepathy Limited telepathy racial trait. Increase the range of your limited telepathy by 30 feet.
Extra Resolve Character level 5th Gain 2 additional Resolve Points
Far Shot C Base attack bonus +1 Reduce penalty due to range increments
Fast Talk Bluff 5 ranks Baffle a potential foe, causing it to be surprised when combat begins
Fleet C Increase your base speed
Focused Sense Blindsense Temporarily gain blindsight with a limited range
Focused Spellcaster C Combat Casting, ability to cast 4th-level spells. You can spend resolve to cast spells that would otherwise fail.
Fouling Reposition C Improved Combat Maneuver (reposition) Reposition a foe to throw it and another creature off balance
Four-Handed Hacker Computers 1 rank, four or more hands. Make hacking attempts in half the time
Frightening Injection Intimidate 3 ranks Intimidate your foes when you inject them
Frightful Display Cha 15, Intimidate 5 ranks, ability to cast spells Intimidate a foe as a reaction after they fail a save against your spell
Fusillade C Base attack bonus +1, 4 or more arms Make an automatic-mode attack with multiple small arms
Grab Attention C Intimidate 5 ranks Make a foe you hit in melee off-target when attacking anyone other than you
Grappler Pull C Str 11 Use a grappler to draw your foes closer to you
Great Cleave C Str 13, Cleave, base attack bonus +4 Make an additional melee attack after each melee attack that hits
Great Fortitude +2 bonus to Fortitude saves
Greater Eldritch Lore Key ability score 21, Eldritch Lore, Lesser Eldritch Lore, Minor Eldritch Lore, caster level 13th, 13 levels in a class with a class spell list Gain an additional 3rd-level spell known
Greater Feint C Improved Feint, base attack bonus +6 Foes you feint against are flat-footed for 1 round
Greater Spell Penetration Spell Penetration Additional +2 bonus to caster level check to overcome SR
Grenade Mastery C Proficiency with grenades Increase the saving throw DCs of grenades you use.
Grenade Proficiency C No penalty to attacks made with grenades
Ground Fighting C Str 11 Ignore penalties to unarmed attacks when grappled, pinned, or prone
Harm Undead Healing channel connection power, mystic level 1st Expend a spell slot for healing channel to also damage undead
Hauler Str 13 You can carry much more than usual
Heavy Armor Proficiency C Str 13, Light Armor Proficiency No penalty to attack rolls while wearing heavy armor
Heavy Weapon Proficiency C Str 13, Longarm Proficiency, Small Arm Proficiency No penalty to attacks with heavy weapons
Helpful Telepath Communalism or hive defense racial trait, limited telepathy or telepathy racial trait. Use telepathy to aid another or help with covering or harrying fire
Improved Combat Maneuver C Base attack bonus +1 +4 bonus to perform one combat maneuver
Improved Critical C Base attack bonus +8 The DC to resist the critical effects of your critical hits increases by 2
Improved Energy Resistance Con 13, character level 10th, energy resistance from a racial trait Your natural energy resistance is more pronounced
Improved Feint C Use Bluff to feint as a move action
Improved Great Fortitude Great Fortitude, character level 5th Spend 1 Resolve Point to reroll a Fortitude save
Improved Initiative C +4 bonus to initiative checks
Improved Iron Will Iron Will, character level 5th Spend 1 Resolve Point to reroll a Will save
Improved Kip-Up Acrobatics 1 rank, Kip-Up feat or moxie racial trait You can stand from prone as a reaction
Improved Lightning Reflexes Lightning Reflexes, character level 5th Spend 1 Resolve Point to reroll a Reflex save
Improved Sidestep C Dex 17, Mobility or trick attack class feature, Sidestep Reduce penalties from Sidestep
Improved Stand Still C Stand Still +4 bonus to melee attacks with Stand Still
Improved Unarmed Strike C Deal more damage and threaten squares with unarmed strikes
In Harm’s Way Bodyguard Take the damage of a successful attack against an adjacent ally
Instant Crater C Base attack bonus +5 Weapons with the explode special property create difficult terrain
Iron Will +2 bonus to Will saves
Jet Charge C Piloting 3 ranks Boost your charge attacks with jets to move farther
Jet Dash Move faster when running, double height and distance when jumping
Kasathan Battle Dance C Dex 13, Mobility or trick attack. You are a student of the battle dances of kasathan legends.
Kip Up C Acrobatics 1 rank Stand from prone as a swift action
Laugh at Danger C Con 13 Grant an ally a +2 morale bonus to AC as a reaction when you take Hit Point damage
Lesser Eldritch Lore Key ability score 17, Minor Eldritch Lore, caster level 7th, 7 levels in a class with a class spell list Gain an additional 1st-level spell known
Light Armor Proficiency C No penalty to attack rolls while wearing light armor
Lightning Reflexes +2 bonus to Reflex saves
Living Ladder C Str 17 Hit an adjacent foe with an unarmed attack to stand and possibly knock them prone
Longarm Proficiency C Small Arm Proficiency No penalty too attacks with longarms
Lung Puncture C Your critical hits with piercing weapons cause foes to be fatigued
Lunge C Base attack bonus +6 Increase reach of melee attacks by 5 feet until the end of your turn
Major Eldritch Lore Key ability score 23, Eldritch Lore, Greater Eldritch Lore, Lesser Eldritch Lore, Minor Eldritch Lore, caster level 16th, 16 levels in a class with a class spell list Gain an additional 4th-level spell known
Major Psychic Power Cha 15, Minor Psychic Power, Psychic Power, character level 7th Cast a 2nd-level spell as a spell-like ability 1/day
Major Stage Magic Cha 15, Minor Stage Magic, Stage Magic, character level 7th. Cast holographic image, invisibility, or mirror image as a spell-like ability.
Many-Handed Master C Four or more arms +2 bonus to your KAC against combat maneuvers under some conditions
Masked Visage +2 circumstance bonus to certain checks when masked
Master Crafter Computers, Engineering, Life Science, Mysticism, Physical Science, or Profession 5 ranks Craft items in half the normal time
Medical Expert Life Science 1 rank, Medicine 1 rank, Physical Science 1 rank Treat deadly wounds more quickly, and provide long-term care without a medical lab
Melt Defenses C Base attack bonus +11 On a critical hit, cause further attacks against a foe to target EAC
Memory Access Construct type, constructed racial trait, exocortex, or head slot augmentation. +2 insight bonus to skill checks to identify creatures and recall knowledge
Minor Eldritch Lore Key ability score 15, caster level 4th, 4 levels in a class with a class spell list Gain an additional 0-level spell known
Minor Psychic Power Cha 11 Cast a 0-level spell as a spell-like ability 3/day
Minor Stage Magic Cha 11 Cast dancing lights, ghost sound, or token spell as a spell-like ability.
Mobility C Dex 13 +4 bonus to AC against attacks of opportunity from movement
Momentous Attack C Str 11, Athletics 5 ranks On a melee critical hit, move 5 feet
Multi-Weapon Fighting C Reduce the penalty for full attacks when using multiple small arms or operative melee weapons
Multifaceted Nature Dimorphic or driftborn racial trait, character level 9th. You developed another of your race’s traits
Mystic Strike C Ability to cast spells Melee and ranged attacks count as magic
Nanite Integration Character level 3rd, constructed racial trait or construct type Nanites maintaining your constructed body can perform incredible feats
Nimble Moves C Dex 15 Ignore 20 feet of difficult terrain when you move
Opening Volley C +2 bonus to a melee attack against a target you damaged with a ranged attack
Oracular Gift Ability to cast augury Gain +1 to initiative checks, and you can cast an enhanced augury once per day without spending RP
Parting Shot C Dex 15, Mobility, Shot on the Run, base attack bonus +6 Make a single ranged attack when withdrawing
Penetrating Attack C Base attack bonus +12 Reduce enemy's DR and energy resistance against your weapons by 5
Penetrating Spell Ability to cast 4th-level spells Reduce enemy's DR and energy resistance against your spells by 5
Percussive Maintenance Str 11 Reroll checks for engineer crew actions in starship combat and engineering checks to repair items
Pinpoint Hurler C Str 15 Reduce the distance your thrown weapons travel when they miss
Poison Adaptation Con 11 Gain a +2 enhancement bonus to saves against poison and take half damage from initial exposure
Poison Rejection Con 17, Poison Adaptation Recover from poisons more swiftly
Positive Conduit Con 13 Gain extra Hit Points from magical healing
Powered Armor Proficiency C Str 13, Light Armor Proficiency, Heavy Armor Proficiency, base attack bonus +5 No penalty to attack rolls while wearing powered armor
Profession Mastery Cha 13, Int 13, or Wis 13 (see text); Profession (any) 1 rank, cultural fascination racial trait Your exploration of the multiple cultures has taught you to use your professional know-how to great effect
Protective Fur Skittermander or ysoki Gain +2 circumstance bonus to saves against heat and cold dangers and +4 circumstance bonus to avoid contracting contact afflictions
Psychic Power Cha 13, Minor Psychic Power, character level 4th Cast a 1st-level spell as a spell-like ability 1/day
Pull the Pin C Improved Combat Maneuver (disarm) Perform a disarm to activate a foe’s grenade
Quick Draw C Base attack bonus +1 Draw a weapon as a swift action
Quicker Trickler Medicine 3 ranks Administer serums as a standard action instead of a full action
Reality Glimmer Cha 15, character level 5th, no levels in witchwarper Gain the ability to cast minor witchwarper spells
Reflect Projectiles C Deflect Projectiles, Base attack bonus +16 Spend 1 Resolve Point to attempt to redirect a ranged attack
Reject Chains Shirren +2 insight bonus to saves against charm and compulsion effects, and you can reroll saves against such effects
Ricochet Grenade C Proficiency with grenades, base attack bonus +7 Bounce a grenade off a wall to reach difficult spots
Sacred Strike C Worship a deity of an alignment within one step of your own Treat your attacks as having your deity’s alignment
Scurry Racial bonus to Dexterity, size Small You gain the compression universal creature rule
Shelter Ally C Bodyguard, natural reach of 10 feet or more. Use Bodyguard to protect allies within reach and increase the bonus and penalty by 1 when protecting a smaller creature
Shield Block C Proficiency with shields Spent 1 Resolve Point as a reaction to reduce damage from area effects
Shield Proficiency C Gain proficiency with shields
Shot on the Run C Dex 15, Mobility, base attack bonus +4 Make a ranged attack at any point during movement
Sidestep C Dex 15, Mobility or trick attack Take guarded step as a reaction when a foe misses you with melee attack
Skill Focus +3 insight bonus to one skill
Skill Synergy Gain two new class skills or a +2 insight bonus to those skills
Sky Jockey Piloting 5 ranks Make jetpacks, vehicles, and starships go faster
Slam Down C Your critical hits with bludgeoning weapons knock down your foes
Slippery Shooter C Dex 15, base attack bonus +6 +3 bonus to AC against attacks of opportunity when making a ranged attacks
Small Arm Proficiency C No penalty to attacks with small arms
Sniper Weapon Proficiency C No penalty to attacks with sniper weapons
Solid Stance C Con 15 Become harder to move, and use a reaction to avoid being knocked prone
Soothing Telepathy Limited telepathy or telepathy +2 insight bonus to saves against mind-affecting effects that you can extend to nearby allies
Special Weapon Proficiency C Basic Melee Weapon Proficiency or Small Arm Proficiency No penalty to attacks with one special weapon
Spell Feint When you successfully feint, your foe takes a –1 penalty to saves against your next spell
Spell Focus Ability to cast spells, character level 3rd DCs of spells you cast increase
Spell Penetration +2 bonus to caster level checks to overcome SR
Spellbane Unable to cast spells or use spell-like abilities +2 insight bonus to saving throws against spells and spell-like abilities
Spellguard Mysticism 3 ranks Grant an ally a +2 insight bonus against a spell as a reaction
Spot of Luck Any racial trait or feat that grants a d20 reroll, character level 5th. When escaping tight spots, you defy the odds
Spring Attack C Dex 15, Mobility, base attack bonus +4 Move before and after a melee attack
Spry Cover C Base attack bonus +1 Covering fire grants a +4 bonus to an ally’s Acrobatics check to tumble
Stage Magic Cha 13, Minor Stage Magic, character level 4th Cast disguise self, holographic image, or unseen servant as a spell-like ability.
Stand Still C Make an attack of opportunity to stop a foe’s movement
Step Up C Base attack bonus +1 Take a guarded step as a reaction to an adjacent foe moving
Step Up and Strike C Dex 13, Step Up, base attack bonus +6 Make an attack of opportunity as part of Step Up
Strike Back C Base attack bonus +1 Ready an action to make a melee attack against a foe with reach
Suppressive Fire C Base attack bonus +1, proficiency with heavy weapons Provide covering fire or harrying fire in an area
Survivalist Self-sufficient racial trait You know how to live off the land
Swimming Master Athletics 5 ranks Gain a swim speed equal to your base speed
Tactful Advisor Cha 11 Provide an additional +1 enhancement bonus when your aid another check result is 20 or higher
Tailored Serum Life Science 5 ranks Grant additional Hit Points to a particular creature with a customized serum of healing
Technomantic Dabbler Int 15, character level 5th, no levels in technomancer Gain the ability to cast minor technomancer spells
Telepathic Scream Intimidate 3 ranks; limited telepathy or telepathy Create a distressing telepathic scream that causes foes to become shaken
Terrifying Presence C Intimidating racial trait. Your fearsome displays instill fear longer
Three-Point Stance If you have a free hand, you take 1d6 less damage from falling, don’t fall prone from falling, and gain benefits in zero-g maneuvering
Through the Lines C Dex 13 You can charge through one ally’s space
Tight Fit Large size or larger You are not entangled when squeezing
Toughness +1 Stamina Point per character level and other bonuses
Tripping Rush C Improved Combat Maneuver (trip), base attack bonus +5. Knock a target prone when you bull rush them into an obstacle
Underfoot Scurry, Acrobatics 10 ranks, racial bonus to Dexterity, size Small You can try to slip into the space of an adjacent foe larger than you are
Unfriendly Fire C Bluff 5 Ranks Trick an attacker into shooting at another enemy adjacent to you
Veiled Threat Cha 15, Intimidate 1 rank Intimidated foe doesn’t become hostile
Versatile Fighting C Adaptive Fighting, character level 5th Spend RP to use Adaptive Fighting more often in a day
Versatile Focus C Weapon Focus +1 bonus to attack rolls with all weapon types you are proficient with
Versatile Specialization C Weapon Specialization, character level 3rd Deal extra damage with all weapon types you are proficient with
Weapon Focus C Proficiency with selected weapon type +1 bonus to attack rolls with selected weapon type
Weapon Specialization C Character level 3rd, proficiency with selected weapon type Deal extra damage with selected weapon type
C This is a combat feat and can be selected as a soldier bonus feat.

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