Zero Pistol Weapon

Zero pistols have a weighted grip to balance their unusually heavy barrels. A cylindrical canister over the barrel contains and directs the coolants.

All Zero Pistols

Name Level Price Damage Range Critical Capacity Usage Bulk Special
Frostbite-Class Zero Pistol 5 3,060 1d6 Cold 60 ft. Staggered 20 charges 1 L -
Hailstorm Class Zero Pistol 10 16,900 2d6 Cold 60 ft. Staggered 40 charges 2 L -
Blizzard-Class Zero Pistol 15 94,500 4d6 Cold 60 ft. Staggered 40 charges 2 L -
Avalanche-Class Zero Pistol 19 492,900 6d6 Cold 60 ft. Staggered 80 charges 4 L -

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