Zero Cannon Weapon

Zero cannons project a freezing line straight out from a generator, affecting any targets within the line. A pair of tanks in the cannon’s heavy stock contain chemical coolants that produce a violent endothermic reaction when mixed in the insulated barrel.

All Zero Cannons

Name Level Price Damage Range Critical Capacity Usage Bulk Special
Tactical Zero Cannon 11 23,000 3d8 Cold 60 ft. Staggered 80 charges 4 2 Line, Unwieldy
Advanced Zero Cannon 14 81,400 5d8 Cold 60 ft. Staggered 100 charges 5 2 Line, Unwieldy
Elite Zero Cannon 18 412,800 8d8 Cold 80 ft. Staggered 100 charges 5 2 Line, Unwieldy

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