Sonic Pistol Weapon

Sonic pistols have a stocky barrel capped with a concave resonating chamber that amplifies and directs its sonic blast. They use high-intensity sound to shake molecules apart.

All Sonic Pistols

Name Level Price Damage Range Critical Capacity Usage Bulk Special
Thunderstrike Sonic Pistol 4 2,300 1d8 Sonic 40 ft. Deafen 20 charges 2 L -
LFD Sonic Pistol 11 26,200 2d8 Sonic 40 ft. Deafen 40 charges 4 L Boost 1D6
HFD Sonic Pistol 14 71,300 3d8 Sonic 40 ft. Deafen 60 charges 6 L -
Banshee Sonic Pistol 16 191,000 4d8 Sonic 40 ft. Deafen 80 charges 8 L Boost 1D10
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