Skyfire Sword Weapon

Originally, these swords were known by their manufacturing ID, BSB–1750. Their popularity with the Skyfire Legion led to their colloquial name, Skyfire swords. Vents for burning gas jets line one edge of the hollow blade. When powered, magnetic fields contain and ignite the gases into a glowing corona of flames.

All Skyfire Swords

Name Level Price Damage Range Critical Capacity Usage Bulk Special
Tactical Skyfire Sword 7 6,120 2d4 Fire - Burn 1d8 20 charges 2 1 Powered (capacity 20, usage 2)
Inferno Skyfire Sword 17 246,000 7d8 Fire - Burn 4d12 20 charges 1 1 Powered (capacity 20, usage 1)
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