Screamer Weapon

A screamer is a circular metal device with two handles on the back. The front of a screamer projects a cone of sonic energy that can damage and deafen anyone within the weapon’s area of effect.

All Screamers

Name Level Price Damage Range Critical Capacity Usage Bulk Special
Thunderstrike Screamer 5 3,350 1d10 Sonic 30 ft. Deafen 40 charges 4 2 Blast, Unwieldy
LFD Screamer 9 14,000 2d10 Sonic 60 ft. Deafen 80 charges 8 2 Blast, Unwieldy
HFD Screamer 15 107,500 4d10 Sonic 60 ft. Deafen 100 charges 10 2 Blast, Unwieldy
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