Plasma Pistol Weapon

Plasma pistols fire a line of ionized plasma out to a relatively short range. The plasma can continue to burn after contact.

All Plasma Pistols

Name Level Price Damage Range Critical Capacity Usage Bulk Special
Red Star Plasma Pistol 7 7,200 1d8 Electricity, Fire 20 ft. Burn 1d8 20 charges 4 L Line, Unwieldy
Yellow Star Plasma Pistol 12 40,300 2d8 Electricity, Fire 25 ft. Burn 1d8 40 charges 8 L Line, Unwieldy
White Star Plasma Pistol 15 107,500 3d8 Electricity, Fire 30 ft. Burn 2d8 100 charges 20 L Line, Unwieldy
Blue Star Plasma Pistol 19 565,000 5d8 Electricity, Fire 40 ft. Burn 3d8 100 charges 20 L Line, Unwieldy
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