Laser Pistol Weapon

The laser pistol is possibly the most common small arm used by explorers, guards, mercenaries, and traders. Laser pistols are light and reliable, yet they still deal a respectable amount of damage.

All Laser Pistols

Name Level Price Damage Range Critical Capacity Usage Bulk Special
Azimuth Laser Pistol 1 350 1d4 Fire 80 ft. Burn 1d4 20 charges 1 L -
Corona Laser Pistol 6 4,270 2d4 Fire 90 ft. Burn 1d4 20 charges 1 L -
Aphelion Laser Pistol 9 14,820 3d4 Fire 90 ft. Burn 1d4 40 charges 2 L Boost 1D4
Perihelion Laser Pistol 12 40,200 4d4 Fire 90 ft. Burn 2d4 40 charges 2 L -
Paralax Laser Pistol 14 82,000 5d4 Fire 90 ft. Burn 3d4 80 charges 4 L Boost 2D4
Zenith Laser Pistol 17 254,200 8d4 Fire 100 ft. Burn 4d4 80 charges 4 L -

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