Doshko Weapon

The traditional weapon of the vesk, the doshko is composed of one to four triangular blades arranged in a row and attached to a long haft. Ideal for devastating overhand blows and catching and parrying enemy weapons, its use is a highly respected art form in traditional vesk society, but it also sees use by creatures of other races as a variant axe. Traditionally, doshkos are made of steel, but in recent decades they have been crafted using advanced metallurgic techniques and even quantum technology to improve the stabbing edges.

All Doshkos

Name Level Price Damage Range Critical Capacity Usage Bulk Special
Tactical Doshko 1 240 1d12 Piercing - - - - 1 Analog, Unwieldy
Advanced Doshko 7 5,300 2d12 Piercing - - - - 1 Analog, Unwieldy
Ultrathin Doshko 11 24,600 4d12 Piercing - - - - 1 Analog, Unwieldy
Zero-Edge Doshko 14 71,500 7d12 Piercing - - - - 1 Analog, Unwieldy
Molecular Rift Doshko 17 248,000 10d12 Piercing - - 20 charges 1 1 Powered (capacity 20, usage 1), Unwieldy
Dimensional Blade Doshko 19 546,100 13d12 Piercing - - - - 1 Analog, Unwieldy

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