Autobeam Artillery Weapon

Though it lacks the penetrating power of an artillery laser, an autobeam artillery delivers sustained laser fire. It uses a rotating array of lenses to prevent the intense heat of sustained fire from melting the weapon’s housing.

All Autobeam Artillerys

Name Level Price Damage Range Critical Capacity Usage Bulk Special
Tactical Autobeam Artillery 10 19,400 2d8 Fire 120 ft. Burn 1d8 40 charges 1 2 Automatic
Advanced Autobeam Artillery 16 145,700 4d8 Fire 120 ft. Burn 2d8 40 charges 1 2 Automatic
Elite Autobeam Artillery 19 543,300 6d8 Fire 120 ft. Burn 2d10 40 charges 1 2 Automatic
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