Arc Rifle Weapon

Arc rifles fire deadly electrical blasts and have a longer range than arc pistols. Like arc pistols, arc rifles can stun targets that are not killed outright by the electricity damage.

All Arc Rifles

Name Level Price Damage Range Critical Capacity Usage Bulk Special
Static Arc Rifle 6 4,200 1d12 Electricity 70 ft. Arc 1d6 40 charges 1 2 Stun
Aurora Arc Rifle 11 24,500 2d12 Electricity 70 ft. Arc 2d6 40 charges 1 2 Stun
Storm Arc Rifle 16 190,300 4d12 Electricity 80 ft. Arc 4d6 80 charges 2 2 Stun
Tempest Arc Rifle 19 622,000 6d12 Electricity 80 ft. Arc 6d6 100 charges 2 2 Stun
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