Acid Dart Rifle Weapon

An acid dart rifle has a nonreactive polymer reservoir that can be filled with whatever acid the wielder desires. The automatic loading process fills the rifle darts with acid as they are moved into the chamber. Dual acid dart rifles fire two darts simultaneously, while complex acid dart rifles hold concentrated doses of acid.

All Acid Dart Rifles

Name Level Price Damage Range Critical Capacity Usage Bulk Special
Tactical Acid Dart Rifle 2 485 1d8 Acid, Piercing 80 ft. Corrode 1d4 10 darts 1 1 Analog
Dual Acid Dart Rifle 7 6,900 2d8 Acid, Piercing 90 ft. Corrode 2d4 24 darts 2 1 Analog
Complex Acid Dart Rifle 12 39,200 4d8 Acid, Piercing 90 ft. Corrode 4d4 48 darts 4 2 Analog
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