Trailblazer Weapon Fusion


Level 1

A weapon with the trailblazer fusion manages to alter the nature of its attacks to overcome the penalties of some natural environmental effects. Its attacks ignore the cover provided by bogs and the cover creatures submerged at least chest deep in water receive from attacks made from the surface. Fire damage dealt by the weapon to underwater targets does half normal damage (rather than the normal one-quarter), and other attacks made underwater deal full damage (rather than the normal half damage).

Additionally, ranged attack rolls with the weapon don’t take a penalty due to the effects of storms, strong and severe winds, or windstorms. It can even be used to make ranged attacks in severe storms as if they were typical storms and in hurricane- force winds as if they were strong winds.

See Biomes for more information on environments that impose attack penalties, and see Underwater Combat for rules on attacking submerged targets.

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