Tracking Weapon Fusion


Level 10

The tracking fusion lets you locate a creature recently damaged by the weapon. Activating the fusion is a move action that binds the tracking fusion to the first creature you damage with the weapon before the start of your next turn. Once you track a target with this fusion, you are aware of the target’s location as long as it is within 1,000 feet and you keep the weapon with this fusion in hand.

If the target is further away, you can attempt a Perception check (opposed by the target creature’s Stealth check) to know approximately what direction the creature is in, though not accurately enough to triangulate its exact location. This is considered a magic divination. The tracking effect is removed if the target travels more than 10 miles away from you, the target changes planes, the effect is dispelled, you fail a Perception check to know its general distance by 10 or more, or 24 hours have passed since you last damaged the target with this weapon. For the purposes of dispelling the tracking effect, treat the effect as a spell with a caster level equal to the weapon’s item level. You can track only one creature at a time. Activating the tracking weapon fusion again automatically ends any previous binding. Only attacks made by the weapon against a single target can benefit from this fusion.

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