Tattoo Weapon Fusion


Level 7

A tattoo weapon can be hidden in the form of a tattoo on your body. If you already have tattoos, the weapon matches them in size and style when in tattoo form. When not in tattoo form, the weapon has images similar to its last tattoo form worked along its length as colorful decorations.

Detect magic and similar spells do not reveal the magical nature of a tattoo weapon in its tattoo form, though true seeing does, and with a close examination a successful Mysticism check (DC = 15 + half the weapon’s item level) reveals that the tattoo is magical. A successful dispel magic spell targeting the tattoo causes the weapon to appear and fall at your feet. The weapon’s bulk does not impair you while in tattoo form, and you can hide or retrieve the weapon as a swift action. While it is a tattoo, the weapon can’t be damaged.

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