Rebounding Weapon Fusion


Level 8

The rebounding fusion lets you bounce your attacks off a wall to reach your target. When making a ranged attack, you can ricochet your attack off a single solid barrier into your target. You take a -4 penalty to your attack roll. You must have line of sight to your target, and your target still benefits from any applicable concealment. Calculate cover based on the point you ricochet from. The fusion prevents any damage to the barrier and allows you to carom shots at apparently impossible angles. You can’t ricochet off a barrier your weapon would automatically pass through, such as rebounding a laser off a transparent surface, but you can ricochet off a barrier that your weapon would normally destroy. A thrown weapon with both the rebounding and returning fusions returns as normal, rebounding off the barrier again on its way back to you. Only thrown and ranged weapons can benefit from this fusion.

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