Energetic Weapon Fusion


Level 5

(from Starfinder Armory)

A projectile weapon with the energetic fusion relies on energy rather than physical ammunition to generate kinetic attacks. Instead of being loaded with darts, rounds, or scattergun shells, the weapon is loaded with a battery. The type of battery the projectile weapon uses depends on its original capacity as follows: 1-20 use batteries, 21-40 use high-capacity batteries, 41-80 use super-capacity batteries, and 81 or more use ultra- capacity batteries. The weapon’s usage does not change, but it takes charges from the installed battery, rather than expending physical ammunition. The fusion converts the energy into physical bullets which target KAC and deal damage normally for the weapon. Only weapons in the projectile category that would normally use darts, rounds, or scattergun shells can benefit from the energetic fusion.

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