Continuous Weapon Fusion


Level 8

The continuous fusion lets a weapon with the line special property sustain fire continuously by expending additional charges. When you make a line attack with a weapon with this fusion, you can expend additional ammunition or charges equal to the weapon’s usage value to sustain your attack until the start of your next turn. This has no additional effect on targets already within the line, but anything that moves across your weapon’s line is attacked using your original attack roll and damage. If you hit but fail to damage this new target, it blocks your line as normal. If an existing blockage is removed, your line extends out to its maximum range unless blocked anew, and it can damage creatures and objects that it failed to reach previously. You can’t damage a single target more than once in a round with the continuous fusion, even if it moves in and out of the path of your attack. If you move from where you initiated the attack for any reason, your line automatically ends. Only weapons that can make a line attack benefit from this fusion. You can use the continuous fusion with unwieldy weapons.

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