Photon Crystal

Photon crystals add compressed photonic energy to a weapon strike, adding fire damage and the potential to burn the target.

All Photon Crystals

Name Level Price Damage Critical Effect Bulk
Least Photon Crystal 5 2,950 +1d3 Flame Burn 1d6 -
Minor Photon Crystal 8 9,300 +1d6 Flame Burn 1d6 -
Lesser Photon Crystal 11 25,100 +2d6 Flame Burn 1d6 -
Standard Photon Crystal 14 71,200 +3d6 Flame Burn 2d6 -
Greater Photon Crystal 17 246,200 +4d6 Flame Burn 3d6 -
True Photon Crystal 20 729,500 +6d6 Flame Burn 5d6 -
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