Spider Harness

Level: 10
Price: 19,500
Bulk: 28
Energy AC (EAC) Bonus: 10
Kinetic AC (KAC) Bonus: 13
Maximum Dex Bonus: 5
Armor Check Penalty: -4
Speed: 25
Upgrade Slots: 2
Weapon Slots: 1
Strength: 18
Damage: 1d10 piercing
Size: Large
Capacity: 40
Usage: 1 / min

Powered Armor Description: Spider Harness

This suspension harness has six arachnid legs. Each leg has a gravitic attraction device at the tip, allowing the armor to climb up walls and even walk across ceilings. The armor grants the wearer a climb speed of 25 feet. A spider harness also has powered arm braces that attach to the wearer’s arms, allowing the wearer to use weapons.

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