Vesk Monolith

The ultimate battle gear, pioneered by the vesk, these suits of heavy armor have a dappled polycarbonate shell that resembles stone in texture. A monolith suit looks like a massive articulated golem formed of stone plates. Despite its size, monolith armor moves easily thanks to its power-assisted joints. Sigils and personal emblems can be “chiseled” on the breastplate or shoulder guards of a monolith suit to signal the wearer’s allegiance.

All Vesk Monoliths

Name Level Price Bulk Type EAC Bonus KAC Bonus Max Dex Bonus Armor Check Penalty Speed Adjustment Upgrade Slots
Vesk Monolith I 12 39,650 2 Heavy 16 18 4 -2 -5 5
Vesk Monolith II 16 163,400 2 Heavy 22 24 4 -3 -5 6
Vesk Monolith III 20 827,250 2 Heavy 26 27 5 -2 -5 7
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