These gleaming metal plates lock together to form a suit of heavy armor reminiscent of an insect’s shell. Although the iridishell was initially designed for shirrens, its beauty combined and functionality makes it a popular choice for many. More expensive suits of iridishell not only offer more protection but feature elaborate designs with gold or silver trim and embedded jewels.

All Iridishells

Name Level Price Bulk Type EAC Bonus KAC Bonus Max Dex Bonus Armor Check Penalty Speed Adjustment Upgrade Slots
Basic Iridishell 2 755 2 Heavy 3 6 2 -2 -5 0
Advanced Iridishell 9 13,100 2 Heavy 13 15 3 0 0 3
Superior Iridishell 12 42,250 2 Heavy 17 18 4 0 0 4

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