Estex Suit

Estex is a thick, durable fabric most often used to make flight suits and environmental suits. Estex suits cover the wearer from the neck down and can be modified with armor upgrades as needed. Higher-quality estex suits grant a better level of protection and allow for more upgrades, though they are often bulkier than comparable suits of light armor.

All Estex Suits

Name Level Price Bulk Type EAC Bonus KAC Bonus Max Dex Bonus Armor Check Penalty Speed Adjustment Upgrade Slots
Estex Suit I 1 410 1 Light 0 1 5 -1 0 2
Estex Suit II 5 2,700 1 Light 4 5 5 -1 0 3
Estex Suit III 7 5,500 1 Light 7 8 5 -1 0 4
Estex Suit IV 13 49,250 1 Light 15 16 6 -1 0 6

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