Starfinder Aliens

You are not alone in the universe. In the Starfinder RPG, strange new creatures and cultures await your party of adventurers on every new planet and space station. Whether you’re on a routine trading mission in the most familiar sectors of the civilized worlds or exploring never-before-contacted planets out in the mysterious reaches of space, this is a game about aliens—playing them, fighting them, and everything in between. This section presents a sampling of such aliens, designed both for Game Masters to use in crafting challenging encounters and adventures and for players to use in creating and customizing the perfect characters. It’s also a font of information and cultural details on the melting pot of different worlds in the galaxy.

Not all of the creatures here are aliens in the traditional sense—after all, everyone’s an alien to someone else, and who’s to say you’re not just as bizarre to a gelatinous barathu as it is to you? Some of the species detailed here are key members of the civilized worlds, being almost as familiar to the average citizen as these races. Others—angels, devils, and fey, for example—are from realms beyond mortal ken. Still others are old mythological favorites like dragons and elementals, familiar to players of the Pathfinder and other fantasy RPGs but updated to Starfinder’s rules. Universal Creature Rules explains all those rules which are common among the various entries.

This is only a small sampling of the myriad creatures found in the Starfinder RPG. For more, quickly and easily import monsters from the Pathfinder Bestiary volumes into your game using the rules from Pathfinder Legacy. Best of all, this Creating Monsters and Other NPCs presents a robust creature-creation system that GMs can use to create monsters and nonplayer characters of literally any species they can imagine, while Simple Template Grafts lets GMs modify existing creatures on the fly to better fit their party’s level and situation.

There’s a whole galaxy out there, full of creatures to fight or befriend. Are you ready?

Racial Traits and Alien PCs

Part of the fun of any science fantasy game is playing bizarre alien races is that we want groups to have as many playable creature options as possible. As a result, many of the creature entries include racial traits—rules that players can use to build characters of these races. In many cases, these racial abilities are scaled-back versions of the full monster abilities; this is because opponents run by the GM (both monsters and nonplayer characters) are created using a different rules system than player characters, but also because it allows us to present a wide array of potential playable races that might otherwise be too powerful. Even so, these abilities can still add complications to the game, and it’s always up to the GM to decide whether to allow player characters of these races. The GM can also opt to treat non-humanoid player races as humanoids for the purposes of spells and other abilities to offset some of these complications.

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