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CR 3

XP 800

Wrikreechee envoy

LN Medium monstrous humanoid (aquatic)

Init -1; Senses darkvision 60 ft.; Perception +8


HP 36

EAC 12; KAC 13

Fort +2; Ref +4; Will +6

Defensive Abilities sheltering


Speed 20 ft., swim 30 ft.

Melee survival knife +10 (1d4+3 S)

Ranged tactical semi-auto pistol +8 (1d6+3 P)

Offensive Abilities cooperative, snag


Str +0; Dex -1; Con +1; Int +4; Wis +1; Cha +3

Skills Athletics +8 (+16 when swimming), Diplomacy +13, Engineering +13, Medicine +8, Sense Motive +13

Languages Common, Wrikreechee

Other Abilities amphibious, envoy improvisations (get ’em, inspiring boost [9 SP])

Gear graphite carbon skin, survival knife, tactical semi-auto pistol with 30 small arm rounds


Environment any aquatic or urban

Organization solitary, fixture (2–7), colony (8–20)

Special Abilities

Cooperative (Ex) Wrikreechees spend much of their lives in close contact with one another, learning to predict their neighbors’ reactions and coordinate their actions. A wrikreechee gains a +2 bonus to skill checks for the aid another action and to attack rolls to provide harrying fire. A creature using the aid another action to assist a wrikreechee’s skill check gains a +2 bonus to her check.

Sheltering (Ex) A wrikreechee instinctively knows how to exploit sources of cover. When a wrikreechee is benefiting from partial cover, cover, or improved cover, the granted bonus to its AC and Reflex saves increases by 1.

Snag (Ex) Thanks to the feathery material lining its forelimbs, a wrikreechee is adept at grabbing small prey. A wrikreechee gains a +4 bonus to attack rolls when attempting to grapple a creature smaller than itself. As a full action, a wrikreechee can make two attempts to grapple a creature with a –4 penalty to the attack rolls.

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