CR 16

XP 76,800

N Colossal magical beast

Init +8; Senses darkvision 60 ft., low-light vision; Perception +28


HP 285

EAC 30; KAC 31

Fort +16; Ref +16; Will +19

Immunities cold, electricity, vacuum


Speed fly 60 ft. (Su, clumsy)

Melee tail slap +27 (6d8+19 B) or bite +27 (6d6+19 P plus swallow whole)

Ranged electrical discharge +29 (6d4+16 E; critical overload [DC 24])

Space 30 ft.; Reach 20 ft. (30 ft. with tail slap)

Offensive Abilities swallow whole (5d4+16 E, EAC 30, KAC 27, 71 HP)

Spells Known (CL 16th) 1/day—chain surge (DC 24), greater discharge (DC 24)


Str +3; Dex +3; Con +7; Int +0; Wis +10; Cha +5

Skills Acrobatics +33 (+25 when flying), Piloting +33, Sense Motive +28

Languages starsong (can’t speak any language)

Other Abilities cavatina, no breath


Environment any vacuum or gas giant

Organization solitary, pair, or pod (3–5)

Special Abilities

Cavatina (Su) Once per day as a move action, an oma can sing a telepathic song that either encourages its friends or dispirits its foes. The oma can grant a +2 morale bonus to ability checks, attack rolls, and skill checks to all allies within 60 feet. Alternatively, the oma can cause all enemies within 60 feet who fail DC 24 Will saving throws to take a –2 penalty to ability checks, attack rolls, and skill checks. This bonus or penalty lasts for 8 rounds.

Electrical Discharge (Ex) An oma can strike foes with a blast of electrical energy that has a range increment of 120 feet. When an oma scores a critical hit with its electric discharge, the target must succeed at a DC 24 Reflex save or technological items held by the target are unusable and do not provide any benefit to their wielder for 1 minute.

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