CR 20

XP 307,200

CE Colossal magical beast (colossus)

Init +6; Senses blindsense (thought) 120 ft., sense the masses; Perception +34


HP 485

EAC 35; KAC 37

Fort +23; Ref +19; Will +21

Resistances cold 30, re 30


Speed 100 ft., swim 100 ft.

Melee bite +35 (4d12+29 P) or claw +35 (4d12+29 S) or slam +35 (8d6+29 B)

Multiattack bite +32 (4d12+29 P), 2 claws +32 (4d12+29 S), slam +32 (8d6+29 B)

Space 60 ft.; Reach 60 ft.

Offensive Abilities demolish structures, enthrall victims


Str +9; Dex +6; Con +12; Int +6; Wis +5; Cha +4

Skills Intimidate +39, Sense Motive +34, Survival +34

Languages Ancient Daimalkan, Common

Other Abilities massive, water breathing


Environment any

Organization solitary

Special Abilities

Demolish Structures (Ex) A kyokor has an exoskeleton that is harder than most metals, and it can therefore use its body against urban structures with deadly effect. A kyokor’s natural weapons ignore the hardness of all structures not made of adamantine alloy or a harder material. Against structures made of such materials, a kyokor’s natural weapons ignore half of the structure’s hardness.

Enthrall Victims (Su) The force with which a kyokor destroys structures is laced with strange, ancient psychic energy. When a kyokor attacks a structure, all creatures within 100 feet with an Intelligence modifier of –3 or higher must succeed at a DC 25 Will saving throw or be stunned for as long as the kyokor is attacking a structure or any other creature within 100 feet. Each time the kyokor attacks a creature that a stunned victim can see, that victim can attempt a new saving throw. If a kyokor attacks a stunned creature, the stunned effect immediately ends. This is a mind-affecting fear effect.

Sense the Masses (Su) Large concentrations of sentient creatures are like beacons of light that call to kyokors. A kyokor can sense groups of 2,000 or more intelligent creatures gathered together in a single settlement out to 5 miles. This ability does not allow a kyokor to know exactly how many creatures are in a given location, but it does allow it to pinpoint pockets of intelligent life and know which pockets are the most populous.

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