CR 9

XP 6,400

N Gargantuan magical beast

Init +0; Senses blindsense (life) 60 ft., low-light vision; Perception +22


HP 145

EAC 22; KAC 24

Fort +13; Ref +13; Will +8


Speed 50 ft.

Melee gore +22 (2d10+15 P) or soul drain +22 (see below)

Space 20 ft.; Reach 20 ft.


Str +6; Dex +0; Con +4; Int -3; Wis +3; Cha +2

Skills Athletics +17, Intimidate +17,Survival +17

Languages Eoxian (can’t speak any language)

Other Abilities no breath


Environment any plains or deserts

Organization solitary, pair, or herd(3–6)

Special Abilities

Aura of Radiation (Ex) Due to the environments in which they live, ellicoths absorb extreme levels of radiation, and have evolved the ability to store and redirect this energy without being harmed by it. An ellicoth emanates medium radiation out to 15 feet and low radiation for an additional 15 feet.

Soul Drain (Su) As a standard action, an ellicoth can make an attack with its trunks against the KAC of a single living or undead target within its reach. If struck, the target takes 3d6+9 bludgeoning damage and is staggered for 1 round; the target can attempt a DC 16 Fortitude save to halve the damage and negate the staggered condition. If the target takes Hit Point damage, the ellicoth regains a number of Hit Points equal to that amount, up to its maximum.

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