Starfinder Aliens List

Alien Role CR Alignment Type
Aeon Guard Aeon Guard Combatant 3 LE Humanoid
Aeon Guard Specialist Expert 7 LE Humanoid
AHAV AHAV Combatant 12 N Construct
Anacite Anacite Laborer Expert 7 LN Construct
Anacite Wingbot Combatant 1/2 N Construct
Angel Barachius Angel Expert 7 NG Outsider
Apari Apari Combatant 7 N Vermin
Apari Constituent Combatant - N Vermin
Assembly Ooze Assembly Ooze Expert 1 N Ooze
Asteray Asteray Spellcaster 12 CN Fey
Barathu Early Stage Barathu Expert 2 LN Aberration
Barathu Expert 5 LN Aberration
Baykok Baykok Combatant 9 NE Undead
Bloodbrother Bloodbrother Combatant 7 NE Magical Beast
Bryrvath Bryrvath Spellcaster 15 CE Aberration
Caypin Caypin Combatant 6 N Magical Beast
Contemplative Contemplative Spellcaster 2 N Monstrous Humanoid
Contemplative Mentor Spellcaster 18 N Monstrous Humanoid
Corpsefolk Corpsefolk Expert 3 NE Undead
Crest-Eater Crest-Eater Combatant 4 N Magical Beast
Deh-Nolo Deh-Nolo Spellcaster 14 CE Aberration
Devil Endbringer Devil (Dhalochar) Combatant 19 LE Outsider
Draelik Draelik Spellcaster 2 NE Humanoid
Dragon, Blue Young Adult Blue Dragon Combatant 11 LE Dragon
Dragonkin Dragonkin Combatant 9 LN Dragon
Drow Drow Enforcer Combatant 1 CE Humanoid
Drow Noble Arms Dealer Expert 11 CE Humanoid
Electrovore Electrovore Expert 2 N Magical Beast
Elemental Tiny Elemental Combatant 1/3 N Outsider
Small Elemental Combatant 1 N Outsider
Medium Elemental Combatant 3 N Outsider
Large Elemental Combatant 5 N Outsider
Huge Elemental Combatant 7 N Outsider
Greater Elemental Combatant 9 N Outsider
Elder Elemental Combatant 11 N Outsider
Ellicoth Ellicoth Combatant 9 N Magical Beast
Formian Formian Worker Expert 1/2 LN Monstrous Humanoid
Formian Warrior Combatant 3 LN Monstrous Humanoid
Frujai Frujai Colony Combatant 19 N Plant
Frujai Soldier Combatant 12 N Plant
Gatecrasher Gatecrasher Combatant 10 LE Undead
Goblin, Space Space Goblin Zaperator Expert 1/3 NE Humanoid
Space Goblin Honchohead Expert 2 NE Humanoid
Space Goblin Monarch Spellcaster 20 NE Humanoid
Gray Gray Spellcaster 4 NE Humanoid
Haan Haan Expert 3 CN Monstrous Humanoid
Haan Combat Pilot Expert 7 CN Monstrous Humanoid
Hallajin Hallajin Spellcaster 17 CN Aberration
Hesper Hesper Spellcaster 2 CN Fey
Ikeshti Ikeshti Brood-Minder Spellcaster 2 N Humanoid
Ikeshti Rivener Combatant 5 N Humanoid
Inevitable Anhamut Inevitable Expert 10 LN Outsider
Kalo Kalo Sharkhunter Combatant 2 NG Monstrous Humanoid
Kalo Deepspeaker Spellcaster 5 NG Monstrous Humanoid
Korubozu Korubozu Expert 9 CE Undead
Ksarik Ksarik Combatant 4 N Plant
Kyokor Kyokor Combatant 20 CE Magical Beast
Maraquoi Maraquoi Hunter Combatant 1/2 NG Humanoid
Maraquoi Shaman Spellcaster 8 NG Humanoid
Marooned One Marooned One Expert 8 NE Undead
Mohrg Mohrg Combatant 8 CE Undead
Mountain Eel Mountain Eel Combatant 6 N Animal
Necrovite Necrovite Spellcaster 13 NE Undead
Nihili Nihili Combatant 5 NE Undead
Nihili Captain Combatant 13 NE Undead
Nuar Nuar Enforcer Combatant 4 N Monstrous Humanoid
Nuar Specialist Expert 8 LN Monstrous Humanoid
Oma Oma Expert 16 N Magical Beast
Orocoran Orocoran Combatant 6 CE Aberration
Orocoran Ichor Lord Spellcaster 9 CE Aberration
Pale Stranger Pale Stranger Expert 11 NE Undead
Reptoid Reptoid Spellcaster 1 LE Humanoid
Reptoid Master Spellcaster 6 LE Humanoid
Robot, Security Observer-Class Security Robot Combatant 1 N Construct
Patrol-Class Security Robot Combatant 4 N Construct
Ryphorian Ryphorian Technician Expert 1 NG Humanoid
Ryphorian Pilot Expert 5 NG Humanoid
Sarcesian Sarcesian Sniper Expert 5 LN Humanoid
Sarcesian Cybercommando Expert 8 LN Humanoid
Scavenger Slime Scavenger Slime Combatant 9 N Ooze
Sharpwing Sharpwing Combatant 8 N Animal
Shimreen Shimreen Combatant 5 LN Humanoid
Shobhad Shobhad Combatant 4 N Monstrous Humanoid
Shobhad Warleader Combatant 7 N Monstrous Humanoid
Skittermander Skittermander Whelp Expert 1/3 N Humanoid
Skittermander Expert 2 CN Humanoid
Surnoch Surnoch Combatant 9 N Animal
Symbiend Symbiend Expert 1/3 N Aberration
Damaritosh's Arm Host Combatant 6 CN Humanoid
The Swarm Swarm Corrovox Combatant 3 CE Monstrous Humanoid
Swarm Thresher Lord Combatant 10 CE Monstrous Humanoid
Undead Minion Skeletal Undead Combatant 1/2 NE Undead
Occult Zombie Combatant 1 NE Undead
Cybernetic Zombie Combatant 3 N Undead
Urog Urog Expert 3 N Magical Beast
Verthani Verthani Aether Pilot Expert 2 N Humanoid
Verthani Pure One Spellcaster 9 N Humanoid
Void Hag Void Hag Spellcaster 10 NE Monstrous Humanoid
Witchwyrd Witchwyrd Spellcaster 6 LN Monstrous Humanoid
Wrikreechee Wrikreechee Expert 3 LN Monstrous Humanoid
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