Pathfinder 2 Penumbral Shroud Spell

Penumbral Shroud


Traditions arcane, occult

Cast [2 Actions] somatic, verbal

Range 30 feet

Targets 1 creature

Duration 10 minutes

You envelop the target in a shroud of shadow. The target perceives light as one step lower than it actually is (bright light becomes dim light, for example), affecting their ability to sense creatures and objects accordingly. The shroud also provides the target a +1 status bonus to saving throws against light effects. While this effect is helpful to creatures sensitive to light, if the creature is unwilling, it can attempt a Reflex save to avoid the shroud and reduce the effect.

Critical Success The target is unaffected.

Success The effect lasts for 1 round

Failure The effect lasts its normal duration.

Similar Spells

Cloak of Shadow


Domain darkness

Level 1

Cast [1 Action] somatic

Range touch

Targets 1 willing creature

Duration 1 minute

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Darkness H


Traditions arcane, divine, occult, primal

Level 2

Cast [3 Actions] material, somatic, verbal

Range 120 feet

Area 20-foot burst

Duration 1 minute

Suppress all light in an area.

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Chilling Darkness H


Traditions divine

Level 3

Cast [2 Actions] somatic, verbal

Range 120 feet

Targets 1 creature

Ray of evil darkness deals cold damage, counteracts light, and harms celestials.

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