Pathfinder 2 Lightning Storm Spell

Lightning Storm


Traditions primal

Cast [3 Actions] material, somatic, verbal

Range 120 feet

Area 5-foot burst

Saving Throw basic Reflex

Duration sustained up to 1 minute

You create a black, rumbling storm cloud and call down one lightning bolt. The bolt is a vertical line from the storm cloud to the ground below, dealing 4d12 electricity damage to creatures in the spell’s area (basic Reflex save). The first time you Sustain the Spell each round, you can call another lightning bolt within the area. If you Cast this Spell outdoors, you can create two non-overlapping clouds instead of one, though you can still call down only one bolt per turn.

Heightened (+1) The damage of each bolt increases by 1d12.

Similar Spells

Bottle the Storm H


Domain lightning

Level 4

Cast [Reaction] somatic

Trigger You would take electricity damage.

Duration 1 minute

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Lightning Bolt H


Traditions arcane, primal

Level 3

Cast [2 Actions] somatic, verbal

Area 120-foot line

Saving Throw basic Reflex

Lightning strikes all creatures in a line.

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Chain Lightning H


Traditions arcane, primal

Level 6

Cast [2 Actions] somatic, verbal

Range 500 feet

Targets 1 creature, plus any number of additional creatures

Saving Throw Reflex

Lightning jumps from creature to creature.

Full Details

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