Pathfinder 2 Ethereal Jaunt Spell

Ethereal Jaunt


Traditions divine, occult

Cast [2 Actions] somatic, verbal

Duration sustained up to 1 minute

You travel to the Ethereal Plane, which overlaps the Material Plane. Material Plane creatures can’t see you, and you can move through things on the Material Plane. You move at half your normal Speeds, but can move in any direction (including up and down).

You can see onto the Material Plane within a radius of 60 feet; it is gray, hazy, and concealed from you. You can’t affect the Material Plane, and you can’t be affected by the Material Plane except by force effects and abjurations originating there.

When the spell ends, you return to the Material Plane. If you’re in the air, you fall (unless you can fly), and if you’re inside an object, you’re pushed into the nearest open space and take 1d6 damage per 5 feet you were pushed.

If you cast this spell when not on the Material Plane, it is lost.

Heightened (9th) You can target up to five additional willing creatures at a range of 30 feet. The duration is up to 10 minutes.

Similar Spells

Plane Shift


Traditions arcane, divine, occult, primal

Level 7

Cast [10 minutes] focus, material, somatic, verbal

Range touch

Targets 1 willing creature, or up to 8 willing creatures joining hands

Transport creatures to another plane of existence.

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Teleport H


Traditions arcane, occult

Level 6

Cast [10 Minutes] material, somatic, verbal

Range 100 miles

Targets you and up to 4 targets touched, either willing creatures or objects roughly the size of a creature.

Transport you and willing creatures a great distance.

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Collective Transposition H


Traditions arcane, occult

Level 6

Cast [2 Actions] somatic, verbal

Area 30-foot emanation

Targets up to 2 creatures

Teleport up to two creatures to new positions near you.

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