Pathfinder 2 Primal Call Ritual

Primal Call


Cast 1 day

Cost faerie circle ingredients worth a total value of 1 gp × the spell level × the target’s level

Primary Check Nature (master)

Secondary Casters 4

Secondary Checks Crafting, Diplomacy, Survival

Range 100 miles

Targets 1 animal, beast, fey, fungus, or plant

Duration see text

You call upon a faerie circle to grant you aid in the form of an animal, beast, fey, fungus, or plant from within 100 miles of a level no greater than double primal call’s spell level. While performing this ritual, the secondary casters explain what sort of assistance you need and why you need it; if the task is incredibly fitting, the GM can grant a circumstance bonus to the secondary check or rule that the check is automatically a critical success. If the ritual succeeds, you must offer the servitor payment depending on factors such as the duration and danger of the task. Payment always costs at least as much as a consumable item of the creature’s level, even for a short and simple task, and it often costs as much as a permanent magic item of the creature’s level to persuade a creature to fight alongside you. If you use the ritual without good reason, the result is automatically a critical failure.

Critical Success The faerie circle sends a servitor, and the servitor’s payment costs only half as much as normal. If you ask for a particular servitor by name, it is likely to send that servitor unless the servitor is busy.

Success The faerie circle sends a servitor.

Failure The faerie circle does not send a servitor.

Critical Failure The faerie circle sends a sign of displeasure or possibly even a creature to attack you. You must conduct an atone ritual to regain your former standing the fae.

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