Pathfinder 2 Commune With Nature Ritual

Commune With Nature


Cast 1 day

Cost rare incense worth a total value of 60 gp

Primary Check Nature (master)

Secondary Casters 1

Secondary Checks Nature

Duration up to 10 minutes

You call upon an unknown primal spirits of nature. You can ask up to seven questions that could be answered with “Yes” or “No.” The entity is likely to know about animals, beasts, fey, plants, topography, and natural resources within a 3-mile radius of the ritual’s location. The entity answers with one word answers such as “Yes,” “No,” “Likely,” and “Unknown,” though its answers always reflect its own agenda and could be deceptive.

Critical Success You contact a more primal spirits aligned strongly with your interests. The spirit won’t attempt to deceive you, though it still might not know the answers. When it’s important to provide clarity, the spirit will answer your questions with up to five words, such as “If you leave immediately” or “That was true once.”

Success You can ask your questions and receive answers.

Failure You fail to contact a primal spirits.

Critical Failure You are exposed to the enormity of the cosmos and are stupefied 4 for 1 week (can’t remove by any means).

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