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We’re working hard to make the best RPG rule references (SRD) so you can spend more time creating and playing and less time looking things up!

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On top of that we’ll be adding custom art several times a week beginning in August with the release of our Pathfinder 2 SRD.

Announcement: Glasstop Games is moving to the Paizo Community Use Policy for all SRDs

Date: August 22nd, 2019

As we are preparing to release the first part of our Pathfinder 2 SRD it has become clear that in order to create the very best SRD possible (and that has always been our mission) we need to put aside any commercial plans for the SRD and adopt Paizo's community use policy. So that is exactly what we are doing...

All content released for Pathfinder 2 as well as all new Starfinder content will be under Paizo's community use policy. Once we have caught up with all of the recent releases we will begin updating our older Starfinder content.

Thank You!

Julias Shaw

Founder, Glasstop Games

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